Accelerating the ambition of a proteomic pioneer

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Brand identity


Bio Technology

  • Brand design
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The power of proteomics
Developing an authentic brand purpose and behavior

For decades, the category of proteomics used limited biased research and discovery methods. However, Seer created a transformative technology to remove this narrow limitation and allow researchers to survey the proteome at scale without bias. Through Seer’s new technology, researchers can now see the dynamic diversity of proteins across individuals through their proprietary engineered nanoparticles. Alongside the determined executive team, we collectively created a brand to showcase the shared compelling vision to better the field of proteomics.

Seer logo
The identity
Inspired by Seer’s nanoparticle

We utilized the nanoparticle to create the foundation of Seer’s brand. The bespoke Seer wordmark reflects how its technology combines to display the full dynamic range of the proteins produced inside our bodies. The brand symbol is a simple, graphic, geometric S, designed to showcase the dynamic ‘S’ curve created when surveying the proteome.

Dynamic range
Seer custom typeface
Back of business cards
The brand system
A brand designed to be dynamic

The technology designed to allow for surveying the dynamic proteome deserves an equally spirited brand. We created the foundation of the brand system based on a grid of four unique technology attributes. This grid made a systematic approach to produce infinite illustrations of dynamic ‘S’ curves unlocked by the nanoparticles. We created a brand to showcase the constantly moving and changing range of protein complexity.

Seer packaging
Seer Hardware
Website comp
Slides for Seer