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Translating ideas into life-saving drugs

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Brand identity


Bio Technology

  • Purpose & values
  • Brand design
  • Motion graphics
  • Voice and tone
  • Web development
About Absci
The new path to next-gen biologics

From the basements in Portland, Absci was born to change an industry in crisis—there was life-saving, world-changing potential everywhere, but no practical way to unlock it. Through its engineered version of E. Coli, Absci effectively created a factory for human proteins. AM:Collab created a brand system and story to celebrate a constantly questioning, thinking, and learning culture. We believe that is the only way to take on the impossible and make good on the promise of drug discovery and development the way it should be—faster, better, smarter.

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The system
One pathway. Unlimited potential.

Implementing the newly created brand role ‘unlimiter’ for Absci, we designed a continuous folding line in order to create iconography, form typography, and direct your path forward. The new brand system reinforces Absci’s story of how its ideas translate into outcomes and also make good on promises of drug discovery.

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