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Payments at the pace of life

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Brand identity


Financial Services

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About TempoPay
Making access to care easier

Life has its ebbs and flows, and our health shouldn’t suffer due to concerns about affordability. TempoPay redefines how consumers pay for healthcare expenses through an affordable, employer-provided, and risk-free payment system to get quality care when needed. With growing healthcare costs, TempoPay’s debit card allows consumers to pay for those costs through a payment plan that fits their life rhythm. Unexpected ER visit? No worries–you have money now and interest-free payments across weekly or monthly increments. Together, we crafted a new narrative to speak about healthcare payments. Rather than the fear of not having access, we focused on the flexibility of payment options we create for individuals. Members set the rhythm of their plan, and payment due dates follow their pace. Visually, we wanted to display how the tempo you set to pay for care is unique to each person. We bring the TempoPay beat to reality through a special rippling effect within the brand system.

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Photography style
The brand system
Utilizing the rhythm of the sine wave

The sine wave is often used to measure the beats and the intensity or relaxation of sound. Using the metaphor of music and sound, we wanted to showcase the control of paying for care at your own beat. We extended the music and pacing metaphor during our engagement through a unique photography style, iconography, data graphics, simple typography structure, and high contrast color system. Our voice uses short, simple sentences that move at a clip, conveying TempoPay’s no-nonsense approach to confronting rising health costs.

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