Summer Health

Reach a doctor in minutes

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Brand identity



  • Brand strategy
  • Voice and tone
  • Information architecture
  • Social media content
  • Web development
  • Identity systems
  • Brand design
Summer Health Logo
The Summer Health symbol is designed around getting care in under 15 minutes.
Worn as a badge of hope and care by Summer Health healthcare providers.
About Summer Health
With a simple text, you’re on your way to better.

When your child isn’t feeling well, the quicker you can go from finding out what’s happening to resolving it, the better. With Summer Health, tapping into the expertise of medical professionals takes a simple text. No appointments, no office hours. When we started our collaboration, Summer Health understood that connecting parents from symptoms to relief was vital. So the brand stepped into a connector role and emphasized quick access to care. We worked closely with the founding members to define the personality of Summer Health, turning the time it takes to receive care into a symbol of hope.

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The brand system
Connection at the core

The brand role we created with the founding members of Summer Health was positioned to be the connector of extending their expertise into connecting you to pediatricians, advice, thought leadership, and peace of mind. The brand system utilized the role to be centered around the idea of navigation. We captured the medical conditions they treat and created a collection of iconography. We ultimately created a warm and inviting flexible system that emphasizes the ability of Summer Health to navigate someone to the best medical advice. The newly created brand system is flexible enough to speak to its target audience and efficient enough to expand. The system displays its unique positioning to address its core mission to radically simplify access to healthcare.

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Summer Photography
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Summer Pod Cast
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