Reimagining a genomic titan

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Brand identity


Bio Technology

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About Illumina
Exposing the light that was always there

Illumina is the leading manufacturer of genetic sequencing technology in biotech. In 2017, it was named one of the most innovative companies after lowering the price of the genome to allow for greater accessibility. However, Illumina struggled to reimagine its brand due to shifting culture interruptions and the rising stakes for genomics. AM:Collab redesigned Illumina’s global brand identity that uniquely expressed its purpose through a brand behavior derived from the origin of its name–illuminate. Light is the core element found in both the technology and its name origin. With the new redesign, light powers the brand system.

Guiding light video
Two page spread
Business Cards
Illumina headphones
Photograph of child
The brand
Focusing on an authentic brand behavior

The element of light became the leading idea that drove the entire design system for the Illumina brand. Through light, the design system could ignite inspiration, provide guidance, and share the spotlight with top researchers in the field. As a result, the graphic device, color, and layouts utilize light to express Illumina’s purpose.

Illumina meeting room
LED screen
Illumina Flowcell 10 2 5k GEN unslated prores copy
NFA Illumina Longform 30 2 5k GEN unslated prores copy
NextSeq 2000 renderings
Custom Shoes
Custom iPhone case
Digital design system
Elevated by delightful interactions

Expanding the Illumina brand system, we provided conceptual guidance, interaction design, and creative direction for its modular design system. The goal of this system was to create a suite of components that could ignite inspiration around the power of technology to guide customers through the purchasing process of eCommerce checkout. Each interaction used a system of light temperatures to demonstrate the hierarchy of UI action.

iPad homepage
Homepage components