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Coral Health

Fostering equality in healthcare

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  • Digital design systems
  • Brand design
  • Identity systems
  • Web development
  • Social media content
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About Coral Health
Culturally-nuanced healthcare

Coral Health empowers diverse employees to feel safe and seen by working with business organizations to build a program that provides culturally-nuanced care. Its services motivate employees and support them to meet their unique needs. In addition, they keep business employees well at work and home with their personalized integrations and engagement tools. Through our engagement, we created a system that directly showcases how Coral Health protects the health of a diverse workforce's unique needs. We also developed new tools such as a custom typeface, rich photography direction, and a visual system that mirrors the mission of Coral Health: to help diverse employees better engage with healthcare.

Coral Display Typeface
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The brand
The organic shapes of coral inspired a whole system

We created Coral Display, a bespoke display typeface. It contains fluid curves and organic angles inspired by the coral shapes found in the sea. This typeface not only evokes the safe space Coral Health provides, but it connects individuals and inspires functional icons through the Coral assets. With Coral Display, we created a system that celebrates everyone's uniqueness. Every letter has been designed with a very particular structure which allows each one to be stretched and morphed into various shapes without losing its identity or readability. The brand system also includes icons that are made up of these same organic shapes. These icons can be used on marketing websites, apps, and other digital platforms that need quick and clear communication of essential information for patients.

Coral Health Container
OOH advertising for Coral Health
The launch
Presenting the Coral Health brand to the world

We developed a marketing website with a modern development stack and headless CMS in just two months. This approach allows Coral's team to scale its website and create pages without agency support. Our designers also implemented a modular-based design system that powers marketing websites, emails, and social media assets. With this new online presence, Coral can tell the story of its company and the benefits of the product to drive customer acquisition in an increasingly competitive market.

Social stories
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Photograph as woman in pink
Coral Health social post
About us page for Coral Health
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Slides template
Coral Health tote
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